Internet information finding assignment

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Internet information finding assignment

Recommended for 13–16-year-olds.

Learning goal

The goal of this assignment is to learn to assess the reliability of information found on the Internet.


Progress of the assignment

Phase 1. Discuss on what bases the reliability of Web pages can be assessed. The discussion can be based on the questions of the DARTS checklist that can be used to assess the reliability of information.

Phase 2. The pupils search for information on topics related to medicine from the Internet using a search engine. What kinds of links can they find? Suitable search terms are, for example, "correct use of medicine" and "painkiller". This assignment gives a concrete example of how difficult it is to assess the reliability of information, as clear answers to the questions asked cannot necessarily be found on websites. The most important thing is to make the children more aware of the fact that you should not trust all information found on the Internet and that a website that looks sleek is not a guarantee that the information will be reliable.

Print out the assignment Internet as an information source