How do I dispose of medicines?

Disposal of medicine ingress

The best way to dispose of medicine is to take them to a pharmacy.

Disposal of medicine

Which medicines should be disposed of?

• Medicines that have expired.

• Medicines that have remained unused.

How should medicines be disposed of?

• The medicines to be disposed of must be taken to a pharmacy or other collection point for medicines, because medicines are hazardous waste the disposal of which requires special measures to be taken.

• Mercury thermometers, iodine and bromine must be kept separate from other pharmaceutical waste, because they complicate the treatment of other pharmaceutical waste at the hazardous waste treatment plant.

• Medicines may not be disposed of with household waste.

Further information:

Further information about the disposal of medicines can be found at Fimea's web page under ‘Correct use of medicines, How to dispose of medicines’ in section ‘For public’.