Is my new medicine compatible with my other medicines?

Is my new medicine compatible

The main risk factors of medicine interactions are the user's age and the number of different medicines used. Medicines may block, strengthen, or alter each other's effects.

Is my new medicine compatible with other medicines

Must I change my diet during my medication?

You do not usually have to change your diet during medication. There are, however, some exceptions to this. During the use of warfarin, for example, the use of many green vegetables and types of fruit, in particular, should be steady in order to avoid changes to the efficacy of the medication.

Grapefruit juice interacts with several medicinal substances. The calcium in dairy products may prevent the absorption of some medicinal substances.

Can I drink alcohol during my medication?

Alcohol does not interact well with all medicinal substances. For this reason, you should check whether you can drink alcohol during your medication. Moderate consumption of alcohol does not usually affect the efficacy of medicines.

The amount of alcohol used often affects the strength of the interaction; heavy consumption of alcohol is not compatible with any medication.

Can I sunbathe or visit a solarium during my medication?

Some medicines make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and the ultraviolet light of a solarium. If your skin has become sensitive to sunlight or the ultraviolet light of a solarium during medicinal treatment, consult your attending physician about your situation.