What are prescription medicines?

Prescription medicines ingress

Prescription medicines can be dispensed from a pharmacy only on the prescription of a doctor, veterinarian, dentist, or a nurse with limited prescription rights.

What are prescription medicines?

When are prescription medicines needed?

An illness treated with a medicine requires a diagnosis by a doctor. You yourself cannot tell from an earache, for example, whether it is an ear infection requiring a course of antibiotics. Successful treatment requires follow-ups. A doctor evaluates the need for and success of a treatment. The medicinal treatment of epilepsy, for example, is adjusted according to the state of the illness.

The dose must be prescribed individually. In the treatment of high blood pressure, for example, a dose half that of someone else's may be sufficient for some patients. Medicines may cause adverse reactions, and, for this reason, the use must be considered on a case-by-case basis relative to the efficacy of the medicine. Medicines may have unexpected or serious interactions with other medicines, and this risk must be assessed as part of the overall medication.