Headache group assignment

Headache ingress

The goal of this assignment is to learn to assess the causes of and treatment methods for headache. Another goal is to learn what things you should know about your medicine so that you can use it correctly and how to find the information on the package leaflet. Recommended for 11–16-year-olds.

Headache group assignment

Progress of the assignment

Phase 1.

Consider what could cause a headache, for example:

  • Do I have poor posture when I work?
  • Has something unusual happened in my life?
  • Have I eaten healthily?
  • Have I drunk enough water?
  • Have I been outdoors enough?
  • Have I stayed up late?
  • Have I slept well?
  • Have I been watching television or a computer monitor for a long time?

Phase 2.

Liisa's headache does not go away even if she eats and goes outdoors for a while. She calls her mother, who is at work, and they decide together that she needs to take a headache medicine.

What must Liisa check about the medicine before taking it? The pupils find a suitable painkiller for a headache and important information related to its use from the attached sample package leaflets. Discuss this information together.

Information that Liisa must check:

  • Is the medicine suitable for a headache?
  • Are there any reasons why I should not use the medicine?
  • Is the medicine suitable for a child of my age?
  • How much medicine should I take?
  • How many times a day should I take the medicine?
  • How do I take the medicine?

Phase 3.

Discuss when you should go to the doctor's office due to a headache:

  • If the headache continues for a long time or occurs repeatedly
  • Headache caused by problems with your bite (go to the dentist)
  • Headache caused by worsening eyesight (go to the eye doctor).

If other symptoms are connected to the headache:

  • consciousness disorders
  • neck stiffness
  • vision and hearing or balance disorders.

If symptoms suggesting a migraine are connected to the headache:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • light sensitivity
  • headache can also begin at night
  • exertion makes the headache worse.


The sample package leaflets (pdf)

Further information

This assignment is related to a topic for which you can find background information in the section "Are you using your medicine correctly?" of the "Basic information on medicine" page. The teacher and the pupils should also familiarise themselves with headache and its treatment together in advance.