Checklist for using medicine

Checklist for using medicine ingressi

The goal of this assignment is to learn what steps are involved in taking your medicine.

Checklist for using medicine

Progress of the assignment

Go through the checklist for using medicine together. You can look for the information requested on the checklist from the sample package and the package leaflet. How thoroughly you should discuss the checklist depends on the pupils' age.

With first and second graders, you can go through the different steps of taking your medicine. You can bring a medicine cabinet, some medicine packages, and dosage cups, or syringes to the class. The pupilis can use them to go through the steps themselves and practice measuring an antibiotics mixture dose using water, for example.

With older
pupils, you can go through the checklist in more detail, and also discuss the things marked on the list with bullet points. With them, you can also use the checklist as support for or as an introduction to other assignments. For example, the pupils can go through the checklist before the Pharmacy visit roleplay, making it easier for them to come up with questions for a visit to a pharmacy.


The checklist for using medicine (pdf)

The sample medicine package (pdf)

The sample package leaflets (pdf)

Further information

This assignment is related to a topic for which you can find background information in the section "Are you using your medicine correctly?" of the Basic information on medicine page.