Roleplaying a visit to the pharmacy

Roleplaying pharmacy ingressi

The goal of this assignment is to learn how to understand the necessary basics about your medicine so that you can use it correctly and to lay a foundation for the pupils to gradually learn to be active and discuss their medicine in the pharmacy.

Roleplaying pharmacy

Progress of the assignment

Phase 1. Group discussion on what kinds of questions you can and should ask about your medicine in the pharmacy. You can collect the questions on the blackboard or a transparency for phase two.

Important questions include:

  • For what ailment is the medicine intended?
  • How much and how often should I take my medicine?
  • In what way should I take my medicine?
  • For how long should I take my medicine?

Phase 2. The teacher assumes the role of the pharmacist. During the assignment, the pharmacist hands a package of medicine to each pupil or pair, after which the pupils ask questions about their medicine. The questions are the same considered together in phase one of the assignment. Prepared answers to these questions are available to the teacher for three sample medicines: Acheaway, Flugone, and Oculix.

Any cardboard box or other object can be used as the medicine package. In this assignment, you can also use genuine medicine packages found at home, in which case the answers to the questions must be sought from the package and package leaflet of each medicine.


The answers for the sample medicibes Acheaway, Flugone, and Oculix (pdf)

The sample package leaflets (pdf) (NB! The file contains six sample package leaflets)

Further information

This assignment is related to a topic for which you can find background information in the section "Are you using your medicine correctly?" of the "Basic information on medicine" page.