The story "Little Teddy Bear's ear boo-boo"

Little Bear ingressi

The goal of this assignment is to learn that medicine can cure and prevent illnesses and alleviate their symptoms. Another goal is to learn that you must complete the entire course of antibiotics to ensure that the treated illness is definitely cured.

Little Bear

Progress of the assignment

Phase 1. The teacher reads the story aloud and stops at the marked places. During the pauses, the pupils show thumbs up or down according to whether the characters of the story are doing the right or the wrong thing. The teacher then shows the correct answer with his or her own thumb.

Phase 2. Consider what things medicine can do other than alleviate symptoms and cure illnesses. Medicine can also prevent illnesses. Continue the discussion through the pupils’ own experiences: for what illnesses have the pupils taken medicine? Has the medicine alleviated the symptoms, cured the illness, or prevented an illness?


The story Little Teddy Bear's Ear Boo-Boo (pdf)

The examples of preventive, alleviative, and curing medicines (pdf)

Further information

This assignment is related to a topic for which you can find background information in the section "What is medicine?" of the "Basic information on medicine" page.