Checking a medicine cabinet

Checking a medicine cabinet ingressi

The goal of this assignment is to learn to check whether a medicine is fit for use, find expired and incorrectly stored medicines from the medicine cabinet, and take them to the pharmacy.

Checking a medicine cabinet

Progress of the assignment

The pupils are divided into small groups. The groups examine how the last date of use has been marked on the medicine packages and what kinds of storage instructions can be found on the package and the package leaflet. The teacher can bring over-the-counter medicine packages or print out a sample medicine package and package leaflet. Next, assign homework: the pupils must check the medicine cabinet at home and return expired medicines to the pharmacy.

Depending on the
pupils' age, the assignment can be independent or to be done together with the parents.


A letter to the children's parents (pdf)

A sample medicine package and package leaflet for Sneezex (pdf)

Further information

This assignment is related to a topic for which you can find background information in the section "What other things must I take into consideration when taking medicine?" of the "Basic information on medicine" page.